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Hear what others have to say about RMCA's Early Education Program

I appreciate Rocky Mountain Classical Academy Preschool because they view their program as a school, rather than a daycare or merely babysitting.  I have noticed a learning growth in my child. At home, my son will start randomly singing or telling me about what he’s learned from school. It has helped him to do things by himself.  The teachers care about each child having a great day. They accept each student at their level and teach them according to their speed, which is critically important to provide a positive first experience with school.  The teachers also are great about communicating and working with me. They send pictures of our kids learning and enjoying themselves. My other children attend the elementary school, and so I enrolled my son into their new preschool with confidence, knowing that they would produce a facility with high standards and excellence.  The school has met my expectations and I will continue to have my son attend their facility. Thank you Rocky Mountain Preschool!   Dana DeVandry    01/24/19

We are so pleased with RMCA! Not only is the educational piece on point, but we love the excitement and enthusiasm our toddler expresses each and everyday! I believe RMCA is such a great success because of the teachers! They have such a heart for children and it shows when my child comes home from school each day, only to look forward to going back the next. That said, we love RMCA preschool!    Crystal Hill    01/07/19