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Antoinette Moses


Achievements - Some of my biggest achievements have been establishing and maintaining my own t-shirt business for over a decade, which has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Additionally, I am proud to have completed my degrees. Lastly, building and nurturing my family has been an immense source of joy and fulfillment for me. These achievements have shaped me into the person I am today!

Goals or Aspirations - I am committed to advancing my career at RMCA and watching the growth and success of both my students and my own child within the RMCA community.

Something quirky about me - I absolutely love cows. Especially Highland Cattle! I love going to zoos, amusement parks, and embarking on adventures to discover new and familiar destinations with my family of eight!





April Winston


Achievements - Education Degrees; 15 years teaching experience; having and raising 4 children

Goals or Aspirations - To see our preschoolers graduate high school and go on to help make this world a better place! 

Something quirky about me - I cannot resist a swing! Tire swing, baby swing, porch swing…. they are so relaxing and FUN!

I love to run, play nertz, and have coffee with my hubby!





Aubra McReynolds


Achievements -  I was the first baby born at the hospital on New Years Day. I bought my first car at 18 with my own money. I completed a Masters degree in Early Education. 

Goals or aspirations - A goal of mine is that every kiddo who comes through my class feels loved, has fun, and is ready for kindergarten by the end of his/her preschool experience. 

Something quirky about me - I don’t like bent or crinkled paper, especially if the paper is mine. By day I’m a preschool teacher, but by night I’m a movie/tv watching, weight lifting, drawing/painting, puzzle solving, spending time with friends and family kind of person.





Blair Bartlett


Achievements - I’m the youngest of five children and I was the first of my siblings to graduate with a degree from college. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years and we have an amazing set of boy/girl twins entering 5th grade.
Goals or Aspirations - I would like to be brave enough to finish and publish children’s books.
Something quirky about me - If I can find a way to work in a quote from any movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, I will.  American buffalo are my favorite animal and if I could be a bird, I would be a flamingo. I love going fishing but I do not eat fish




Brittani Lee


Achievements - I have been in Early Education for almost 10 years, I have obtained a level 4 credential in the Colorado PDIS system. I also hold my infant/ toddler supervisors credential.I have 4 wonderful children who all attend RMCA.
Goals - I would like to travel the world someday.
Something quirky about me -  I love to rewatch movies to me they never get old. I can quote Harry Potter religiously. I will stay up reading books, literally just one more chapter is not a thing for me if it’s really good.





Cerys Bullard


Achievements - This is my first year at RMCA. I graduated with my BA in Inclusive Early Childhood Education in May and I am so excited to be starting my teaching journey here in the RMCA Preschool.

Goals or Aspirations - I love to travel. If I could move anywhere outside of the US it would be to England or the Netherlands, I love both places a lot.

Something quirky about me - On Saturdays you can find me teaching soccer. Most other times you will find me in my bed cuddling my cat watching whatever show I am hooked on at that moment. I love animals I have 5 pets at home. A dog, two cats, and two guinea pigs.  I can’t wait to have an amazing year with all your littles.




Clara Garner

Toddler Teacher

Achievements - I am a proud mom of a little girl and soon to be little boy! I have enjoyed making it through my first year of teaching and loved doing it here at RMCA.

Goals or Aspirations - I plan to continue my education in early childhood education and hope to make an impact on my students lives by helping them create an amazing first experience with school.

Something quirky about me - I love the water and would spend every moment swimming if I could.

I love being part of the RMCA family and can’t wait for the years to come.





Claudia Lopez


Achievements - I am a mother of 4 amazing kids and we are a retired military family. I've been in the field of early childhood education for a few years now. I got my associates degree in early childhood education at Midlands Tech College in Columbia, South Carolina.

Something quirky about me - One of my hobbies is running long distance and it's my 2nd year being a part of the RMCA cross country team. I have 5 years coaching Landsharks and I'm loving it.

I am really excited for a new year!





Dacia Coddington


Achievements - I have been involved in education in one form or another for 15 years. I graduated from UCCS in 2002 and went on to receive my Montessori Early Education teaching degree in 2004. This is my 2nd year at RMCA and I am thrilled to be a part of the inaugural preschool team. I am passionate about early education and I absolutely love being a part of a child’s first exposure to school.

Goals or Aspirations – My goal is to instill a life-long love of learning, curiosity and fun in my students.

Something quirky about me - I have lived in Colorado my entire life. My husband and 2 boys are my world. Our boys keep us very busy with their wrestling and football schedules but we love it!

 I love to travel, garden, and all things crafty. Thank you for sharing your children with me!




Destiny Brown


Achievements - I started volunteering in the classroom and found my passion for teaching. This is my 5th year with RMCA! I also coach our Landsharks Running Club. I love to see how much each student grows and learns throughout the year. I love the relationships that I build with each one. I am a proud mom of two boys and a Colorado native!

Goals or aspirations - I am always learning and setting new goals for myself. I want to create an amazing school experience and instill the love of school and learning in each one of my students. Something quirky about me - I love to be outside, watch movies and shows, read books, and spend time with my family and our dog.




Erin Kieffer

Infant Teacher

Achievements - My 3 daughters! Been an Infant teacher for over 14 years and love it 

Goals - To further my education in Early Ed! To have an infant room where both babies and their

parents are happy and comfortable! 

Something quirky about me - I love being silly and crazy with my kids! I love to dance even though I look goofy and embarrass them. 

I am very into ATVs. My husband and I own one and we like to ride it at our family cabin in Westcliffe, CO. I am a huge dog person. We raise labs and we also foster and rescue dogs when we don’t have puppies of our own.





Kristin Jessen


Achievements - I am currently an Assistant Teacher in The Dragons Classroom. I have worked at RMCA Since 2021, in which I started working as the Kindergarten Aide. I am excited to be back in Pre-School and look forward to helping kids grown and learn. I have been married since 2006 and have two amazing boys.

Goals - My husband and I hope to one day own a cabin in which we can spend our weekend relaxing.

Something quirky about me - In my spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, listening to music, spending time with my family and going on vacation. I also enjoy watching my oldest play soccer and my youngest up on the stage doing his acting performances.





Melissa Cornelius

Front Office

Achievements - My 3 amazing kids! Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Worked at RMCA for 5 years in the front office.

Goals or aspirations - I would love to one day convert all our forms to on online version, and I plan to continue to learn new ways to make the front office run as efficiently as possible.

Something quirky about me - I am a huge nerd and enjoy playing video games and going to Comic Cons! I also really love reading, playing board games, and hiking.

I love working in the preschool, this is by far my favorite job I have ever had!





Nikki Cucuzza


Achievements - I have been one of the preschool co-teachers here at RMCA for the last two years. I have been working in early childhood education for 9 years and counting. In 2014 I completed my Early Childhood Montessori teaching certificate.

Goals or Aspirations - I hope to continue expanding on my Early Childhood education in future. My life is revolved around caring for children and my pets.

Something quirky about me - I have two dogs and one cat that mean the world to me. In the future I hope to expand my little family and buy my own home.

 I love working with children because I am a big kid myself and we are able to discuss all the new Disney movies that come out (they are my favorites).  I am excited to meet and watch your children grow!





Rebecca Petersen


Achievements - Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education; Over 25 years of teaching experience; 

Goals or Aspirations - I would love to be at RMCA to see our first year of preschool students (2018-2019) graduate from 8th grade! 

Something quirky about me - I find it hard to resist hopping from stone to stone in the "moat" in the hallway at school. 

On the rare occasions our grown children are both home at the same time, you are most likely to find us hiking or playing board games, especially Star Trek Catan.




Sarah Lopez

Toddler Teacher

Achievements - graduating high school early, completing the manitou incline in 45 minutes tops

Goals - To fully learn Korean and possibly chinese, I want to visit Japan at least once in my life

Something quirky about me - I like to play video games, more specifically, Minecraft and Roblox :)

I really really love boba and making it and One Punch Man is my favorite ! I especially love to learn/understand about/of different cultures and languages.